The Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

nike fc247 elastico finale III

Nike FC247 Elastico Finale III


Flashy and tacky, they are basically Elastico Finale III is one of the brightest pairs of shoes Nike has ever produced and it's certainly going to make everyone stare at your feet. The leopard print style immediately attracts attention and gives the shoes a sense of agility, while adding to their overall interesting look. Also, there's no Nikeskin on these bad boys so you'll find that cleaning them is going to be much easier. Lastly, in terms of color choices, these shoes feature a 2 color split design with black, bright laser orange and black laces.


Traction is a major concern for Nike and that is why for the Elastico Finale III they went for a different pattern compared to their previous versions. Therefore, the outsole features small extrusions that are even on the entire surface of the outsole. They are also connected between them by a small and thing extruded line of rubber. Overall, you'll find the traction to perform very well and you'll rarely find yourself losing control of the ball at high speeds.


The construction of the Elastico Finale III is something new and it's never been done before, but they sure do feel good when you put them on. In fact, if you hold them in your hand you'll notice just how thin they are and how flexible the entire sole really is. And if you look through the front half of the shoes, you'll notice there is basically no midsole and the only padding you're going to get is that provided by the insole. As a result, these shoes are going to feel barefoot allow you to feel very comfortable while wearing them.


These shoes are designed for both turf and indoor use, so you can easily use them both on the inside and outside. For instance, indoors you won't have any issues with them and the rubber sole is going to hold up pretty well. However, you'll find that in time some of the paint on the swoosh is going to people away, but this won't affect the longevity or durability of the shoes. However, when used for street soccer, these will wear and tear faster, so keep that in mind. More about the futsal shoes on

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